ACEL Covid-19 Test Voucher Request

Important information

When you’re a student in need of a PCR test, you can make here a request for a voucher, which gives you the possibility to make a free test in one of the following Laboratories: Ketterthill, BioneXt, Laboratoires Réunis. You have to consider a processing time of 3 days.

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If you have any questions you can contact us via email


In order to request a voucher, some conditions* must be fulfilled:

  • Have a proof that you’re a student, certificate of enrolment
  • Vaccination certificate (min 2 shots)
  • Proof of residence in Luxembourg
  • Proof that even if you are fully vaccinated you need a PCR test

* If the situation changes, our conditions might also change!

When your request is accepted, you will receive the information where you can pick the voucher up.

The voucher is not distributed digitally, because it is printed on security paper.

Important information
We don’t have any influence on the availability of the appointments or the processing time of the test results.

Identification number at your university

Attention: Your departure date must be at least three days from the day of the request

I have read the data protection declaration and I accept it. *